reverse domain name service

How to set up RDNS (reverse domain name service) nd226 Newbie (1 Posts) 3/25/2008 6:23:14 PM Hi, I have recently joined a IT department and .

., which is the reverse DNS resolution domain name . Internic.net, public information regarding Internet domain name registration services

As documented at http://dns.icann.org/services/axfr/ these zones: "." (the . Der reverse domain name service kanonische Name eines Alias. MX. Mail Exchanger. PTR. Ein (bei Reverse-DNS verwendeter) Domain Name Pointer

These addresses are kept on a Domain. How to Set Up a PTR Record for a Reverse DNS Lookup. DNS (Domain Naming Service) is a .

reverse domain name service

Reverse Domain Name System (DNS) uses DNS to translate .

Der Domain Name Service (DNS) Domain Namen Computer werden . Diese bildet die Reverse Zone. Man wandelt eine IP-Adresse in einen entsprechenden Pseudo-Domain-Namen um, indem reverse domain name service man die 4 .

. Name einer Domain wird als ihr Fully Qualified Domain Name . Konventionelle Namen f�r verschiedene Services: . Reverse Domain Hijacking; Typosquatting; Weblinks. Beschreibung von .

Reverse Delegations: Example Forms . An example of a correctly completed reverse delegation form for a /24 assignment: .

"ARPA" This is a special domain

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Domain Name System: Reverse DNS - PTR Eintrag: Unverzichtbar f�r die richtige Funktion eines E-Mailserver!

This site does a reverse DNS lookup of an IP address by searching domain name registry and registrar tables. . So that this service is available for everyone to use, please .

To prevent an exhaustive search of all domains for a reverse
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